My New Post About Paranormal Horror Movies

Come into the light chile!!! 😐

Like other students, I’ve been stressed out trying to manage school, work and life.  This semester has been a little more stressful for some reason than previous semesters, and my brain has been scattered.  When I get like this, sometimes I need to get away and do something to take my mind off everything, like watching a good paranormal horror movie, my favorite movie genre.😯

Me getting away from everything…watching a good paranormal horror movie! 😬

My favorite paranormal horror movies to watch are always the ones based on a true story.  The fact that it’s based on a true story means that it happened to some degree…and that makes it more interesting.  The most recent paranormal horror that had elements based on a true story that I recently watched was called “Spell” (check out the movie trailer below)😳.

Last weekend, I watched another good paranormal horror movie.  It wasn’t based on a true story to my knowledge, but it was pretty good.  I saw it on Netflix which was cool because I thought I’d seen all the good paranormal horror movies on that site.  Check out the movie trailer below😯.

I’m always looking for great paranormal horror movies to watch.  If they’re based on a true story, awesome😯!  If they’re not based on actual events but it’s still a good one, I’m still in!  Which paranormal horrors have you seen that you really like?  What did you like about it😳?

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